Luna pool is a Cardano stake pool. [LUNA]

Run by a small dedicated team of experienced IT professionals from Slovenia.

We build Luna pool out of pure passion for Cardano ecosystem and its community.

Delegate your ADA to earn high and safe rewards.

Low fees 1.5% and minimal fixed costs 340 ADA per epoch.


Stake pool info

  • Awards

    Low fees 1.5%.

  • Awards

    Pledge 100K.

  • Server location

    Minimal fixed costs
    per epoch 340 ADA.

  • Server running

    Ticker LUNA.

  • Server location

    Server located in Ljubljana.

  • Server running

    Running 24/7.

How to delegate your ADA to LUNA pool?

Exchange USD for ADA on exchange
(Binance, Bittrex..).
Download and install Daedalus wallet or Yoroi wallet.
Create a wallet and send your ADA from exchange to Daedalus or Yoroi.
In Daedalus in the tab "Stake pools" or in Yoroi in the tab "Delegation list" search for LUNA and click "Delegate".
Enjoy your staking with LUNA pool.


Jan Šavs

Jan Šavs

Project & Marketing Manager

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2016 during my internship at a bank card company as part of my managmenet degree. Later in 2018 I heard about Cardano and their Proof Of Stake project. Cardano seemed like a game changer from the perspective of users and benefits it could bring to them. I'm proud to be a part of this project.

Matic Križaj

Matic Križaj

Full-Stack developer

Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences. Computer addicted guy, ever since primary school. Led programming tasks including enhancements, maintenance and support for clients’ websites. I am pretty sure Cardano will greatly benefit all parties involved. I'm glad for the opportunity to work on this project.

Tim Lovrečič

Tim Lovrečič


Being a Linux fanboy and internet privacy and freedom advocate is what brought me into crypto. I believe that the idea of digital ownerships and being able to transfer those by using decentralized P2P networks is the next step in how we build our relationships and conduct business.

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